Wheel Balancing & Alignment

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Improve the performance of your tyres

Expert wheel balancing and alignment for a smooth ride.

Spotting the signs of wheel misalignment

Does your vehicle vibrate when you drive? Do you feel it pulling to one side? These can be signs that there’s a problem with your wheel balancing or alignment. At Buckingham Tyre & Exhaust we have the expertise and specialist equipment needed to check and repair any issues you are experiencing with your wheel alignment and balancing.
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Computerised wheel alignment

If you hear a knocking noise then it may be an issue with your lower wishbone arms, which are part of the suspension. Please don't forget most modern cars have rear alignment too, so check the rear tyres on the inside edge. Most family size cars like Ford, Vauxhall and VW will have rear wheel tracking.
At Buckingham Tyre & Exhaust we offer free shock absorber checks and free checks for wheel alignment using a computerised four wheel alignment gauge; as well as performing suspension and geometry checks.
Free shock absorber checks

Helping you to save money in the long run

As well as the benefits of improved steering, having your wheel balancing checked annually can help maximise the life of your tyres and improve your fuel consumption.

Correcting your wheel balancing and alignment can result in:

  • Improved steering
  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Reduced wear on tyres
  • Reduced wear on suspension

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